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Gear up for Your 2021 Job Search

Updated: Feb 2

As you probably know, #jobsearching has changed dramatically in recent years and most of it has to do with technology. Whether you are looking for the first time in decades or want to change careers, here are some quick tips to get started:

RESUMES – Although it is tempting to use a template, the best route is to create your own #resume. Review the job qualifications carefully and highlight how your skills align with the employer's needs. Also, avoid making your experience look like a job description. Keep in mind a resume will not ‘get you the job,’ but it can get you the interview. The bottom line is that companies are looking for candidates who meets their needs.

VIDEO INTERVIEWS – Like it or not, these are here to stay. There are two types: traditional one on one and those in which you record answers to questions you receive in advance. The same principles apply to both. Look directly into the camera while speaking to make eye contact. Keep your answers brief and to the point. Practice in advance to see and hear yourself. This way, you can get a sense of your pacing, nonverbals, appearance, use of filler words (like, um, etc.) and eye contact. Ensure your background is uncluttered and that you are lit from the front. Close blinds/curtains if you are sitting in front of a window. Review typical interview questions and practice answering them before you get an interview.

LINKEDIN – It’s necessary to be on this if you are job searching. Not only can you view job listings and network, but you can also connect with people at places you plan to apply to and learn about the company culture.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Employers WILL check out your social media sites. Therefore, review your privacy settings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

NETWORK – Begin this by reaching out to at least three people per week. Everyone remembers what their job search was like. If you do this correctly, it can help out a lot. Also, since only 15% of jobs are posted, you stand a better chance of learning about roles before they are listed.

NEW INTERVIEW QUESTIONS – Be prepared to answer questions about how you handled yourself during the pandemic. Did you learn a new skill, make connections, take time to do something you never had time to do?

REMOTE WORK – Are you willing to work remotely? In some cases, you may be asked to do this part of the time whenever workplaces reopen. How do you feel about Zoom meetings? Is this something with which you are comfortable?

The one silver lining to 2020 is you won’t have to explain why you left your job if you were laid off. Finally, avoid sending resumes to as many jobs postings as possible. Putting in the time to conduct a strategic #jobsearch will ultimately help you land your ideal role.

If you need help with your job search, contact me for a free phone consultation.


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