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KTS Career Coaching
Services Overview

Whether navigating a career change, job hunt, layoffs, or post-college uncertainties, KTS Career Coaching is here to alleviate confusion and anxiety by helping you identify strengths, interests, aspirations, and crafting a strategic job search plan.

Career Coaching

Learning about yourself is the most important step in choosing or changing your career. Career coaching will help you discover what you enjoy doing, assist you with challenges you might face, and hold you accountable so you can make choices with intent.

LinkedIn Profile Review & Writing

Hiring managers search LinkedIn every day to find candidates so you can design yours to be found by employers. You can also reach out to recruiters, indicate the roles you seek, list skills, upload presentations, foreign language, and certifications. 

Job Searching & Networking Strategies

Learn the best strategies to find hidden job opportunities, boost your LinkedIn presence, conduct informational interviews, negotiate salaries, and create a standout elevator pitch.


Cover Letter Review & Writing

Your cover letter is the only way to 'talk' to the employer. Whenever it is listed as 'optional,' always submit one. It must be unique (not a template) and tailored to each job listing. KTS Career Coaching helps you create the ideal cover letter.

Resume Review & Writing

Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes each day and only spend six seconds, on average, reviewing each one. You can no longer send the same resume to every job you want. Resumes now need to be tailored to each job description. Learn how to make yours stand out. 

Interview Preparation & Mock Interviews

Interviewing is a learned skill, and it is important to tell your story compellingly. Try to think of it as a conversation. Video interviewing is often done for initial screening meetings. Learn ways to settle those nerves and be yourself. 

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