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It Only Takes One Person…So, Get Comfortable With Networking

Updated: Feb 2

No doubt, you have heard about #networking. If you are looking for a job, this is something you must learn to do well. For some, the concept is terrifying…talking to strangers. Only 15% of jobs are posted online, so you will need to go further. If you solely rely on this tactic, chances are you will apply to lots of jobs and never hear back.

Take the extra step of reaching out to connections to increase your chance of landing a job through this ‘hidden job market.’ Let’s tackle some common concerns and identify strategies that work. The adage ‘it’s who you know’ is crucial when you are job hunting.


How would you feel if someone approached you to ask how you found your job? Most likely, okay, because that person is interested in you. If not, you’ll need to practice, like you would for a #jobinterview. As long as you ask for ‘advice,’ you will be fine. Many people like to talk about themselves. They also remember what it was like to be in your shoes. Chances are, you have found jobs through word of mouth at one point.


I hear that a lot. When you network correctly, you will not ask someone for a job. The goal is to get tips and names of others from each connection you make. If you have a good rapport with a contact, they might mention your name to someone else or refer to a person in charge of hiring.


Many clients have said they want to get the job on their own, not through someone else. Just as you will not ask for a job, no one will ‘give’ you the job until you prove you are qualified. The idea is to have someone help you get your ‘foot in the door.’

Reach out to your LinkedIn connections, your school connections, and tell everyone you know you are looking for work. This includes your neighbors, doctors, dentists, etc. Practice your approach with people you know well to get comfortable talking to a stranger. Because you never know who they know. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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