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Staying Motivated & Focused During the Job Search

Updated: Feb 2

Let's face it; it's been hard enough to stay motivated and focused on anything since the beginning of the pandemic. Online school for your children, working from home, sometimes in small spaces, not seeing friends and family as much as you would like, etc. Conducting a #jobsearch during the best of times isn't something people jump for joy about doing. So, add on the never-ending news about layoffs and furloughs; searching for a job for the first time perhaps in years (or decades) does not help, so here are a few tips:


Schedule days and times to reach out to connections or create them since networking is critical.


Reach out to a specific number of people per week, perhaps two or three, at minimum. Keep records. If you do this long enough, the number of individuals you reach will increase exponentially. Document the dates you spoke with them, notes about the conversations, names of people to whom you were referred, contact information, etc.


Apply to jobs for which you are qualified rather than sending dozens of resumes hoping one of them will lead to an interview.

Often, if you know you are trying, this can serve to motivate you. Keeping records will keep you focused. Most importantly, take time off to relax.

If you need help with your job search, contact me for a free phone consultation.


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