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How Can You Talk to the Inteviewer To Convince Them You Are the Perfect Candidate?

Updated: Feb 2

When you have applied for a job and are 100% certain you can do it well, don't you wish you could tell the employer that fact?

YOU CAN BY INCLUDING A COVER LETTER. If including a #coverletter it is an ‘option,’ always do so. ✔️ This is your only way to ‘talk’ to the recruiter and specify exactly why you are the best candidate. ✔️ Make it specific, concise, and compelling. There is no need to repeat everything on your resume. ✔️ Of course, always avoid ‘template-like’ responses. Whenever I am helping someone with a cover letter, I ask questions similar to those in an interview. This helps them convey why they want to work for the company and why they feel they are a good fit. Once you write the first letter, you should have a good idea of how to craft additional letters. It takes time but in the end, this could put you ahead of other applicants who don't like to write them.

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