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Your Employer is Not Your Family

Updated: Feb 2

Your employer is not your family

Even if you love your job and working with your colleagues, unfortunately, your employers are not your family, they are workplaces. Notice the word ‘work.’ Of course it’s possible to develop long-lasting and meaningful relationships with coworkers.

It is common for people to ask, “What do you do for a living?” Does your answer mean that is who you really are? Most likely, no. Determine who you are without tying it to your job title. When roles change, or a layoff happens, what happens then?

Is your self-worth tied to what you do for a living? What if you lost that job tomorrow? Who would you be? Think about who you are outside of work. Ask those who know you well who they think you are regarding your personal traits. You will more than likely be surprised. Save good performance reviews, so you have an objective opinion of who you are outside of work. Save emails from people who have given you kudos.

Ideally, this will provide you with a healthy sense of self. If you find yourself making a career change or looking for a new job, you will then have confidence understanding you can offer more than the skills a role requires.

When you leave work, you do not spend your downtime with the team on weekends and vacations. The bottom line is the company values what you contribute and the ways you help them meet their goals. But it stops there. Repeat, your employer is not your family.

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