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Types of Interviewers & Recruiters

Updated: Feb 2

Interviewers are people too. Be prepared for all types.

When we think about interviewing, we often talk about the questions to expect, how to respond, how to present oneself, questions to ask the interviewer, and how to conduct video interviews. Remember, interviewers and recruiters are people, too, so you never know what personality will appear.

You could get someone who has been having a bad day. You're the last person they're interviewing for the day, and they want to go home or start their weekend. They are just reading from a piece of paper and do not look interested.


Friendly and welcoming This is the ideal professional who wants to learn about you. These people want to put you at ease and will try to treat the interview like a conversation.

In a Hurry – You might be the last interviewee of the day, so they may appear cold and distant, keep their eyes on their questions, glance at their watch, and simply write your responses.

Unprepared – Perhaps they were asked at the last minute to substitute for a recruiter, do not have detailed information about the role, and are unable to answer your questions or describe the position. They may not have read your resume and application closely and will ask basic questions.

Already Decided Who Will Be Hired – They may have decided to go with an internal candidate or already selected one. Because you were on the schedule, you needed to be interviewed.

Incompetent – This might not be the hiring manager but someone in charge of screening without much experience interviewing potential candidates.

Silent Type – They will ask questions without getting into a discussion.

Overly Talkative – This type will talk about themselves, the job, and their experiences (sometimes negative) without showing interest in learning about you. In addition, they do not listen.

Accepts Interruptions – This person will take phone calls from people during your meeting.

Inexperienced – These people may not have a good sense for structuring the interview by giving you a chance to talk about yourself. They may even ask you illegal questions (are you married, your age, etc.)

Overbearing – Comes into meeting with a barrage of questions giving you little time to reflect and respond.


Be yourself. Present your best self, highlighting your relevant skills, and ask good questions. This is out of your hands. If they have other things on their mind and would prefer to be elsewhere than interviewing candidates, then put on your 'game' face and do your best to wow them.

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