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Thinking About Reneging on a Job Offer?

Updated: Feb 2

Changed your mind about a job offer?

So, you accepted a job after searching for a long time. Phew, you can breathe.

However, just as you signed the dotted line, your dream offer came in later.

What to do? Unfortunately, it is unprofessional to tell the employer who made the first offer you changed your mind and no longer want the job.

🔶 First, people in industries know each other and are tight-knit, so you want to avoid your name being blackballed in the future.

🔶 Second, employers will stop searching for people once you accept the position. This results in lost money, time, and interviews. And they have to begin the process all over again.

In this case, it is best to decline the second offer telling them you have already accepted another position.

In the future, be sure before accepting a job. Have a clear sense of your responsibilities, their expectations of you, the work/life balance, who your direct supervisor will be, and what is that person's management style. Obtain as much information in the interview, so you clearly know what you are getting into on the job.

Of course, it's not ideal to decline your dream employer, but in the future, you may start looking for jobs again, and you can always contact the 'dream job' company.

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