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Is It Time To Change Careers?

Updated: Feb 2

Were you thinking about a career pivot before the pandemic, or is it recent? Many people had time to reflect and reconsider their careers. Did having a different work lifestyle during the pandemic make you long for a change? Are you bored and have little interest in what the company is doing? If so, perhaps it is time to consider the following warning signs you jump ship.

Are You Looking At Job Listings Constantly?

It’s not unusual to read job postings occasionally to see what is happening in your industry. However, suppose you are doing this regularly, hoping to find something more interesting. In that case, this could be a warning sign.

Have You Been Passed Up For Promotions?

It can be demoralizing for your self-esteem and cause self-doubt when your skills are ignored. Also, not having your ideas considered can leave you feeling there is no chance for advancement. In addition, is there too little professional development and training to help you do your job well?

Do You Find Yourself Complaining Often?

Do you talk about how awful your job is to family and friends and envy others who have seemingly good professional situations?

Are You Feeling Disconnected From What You Hoped To Do?

When you first took the role, you had clear ideas about what you wanted to do. Has the job turned out to be completely different that the one you signed on to do?

Do You Have Frequent Physical Reactions to the Thought of Going to Work?

Have your sleeping patterns changed? Do you dread going into the office or working remotely? Do you develop headaches, migraines, overeat and drink, and are too exhausted to do things you love on your days off? Do you have that Sunday night ‘dread’ that is different from, “oh man,” the weekend is over? How much longer can you continue when your health is at stake?


If you are experiencing these warning signs regularly, it makes sense to consider your options.

1. Strategically outline your plans to make a #careerchange. It is not wise to leave out of desperation, although it’s certainly understandable. You will, of course, need to evaluate your financial standing. Try hanging on until you land another job. If you are proactively conducting an intelligent job search, it might detract from the misery you feel if you know you will leave soon.

2. Consider what you want and do not want in a job. For example, do you want more/fewer leadership opportunities to make an impact, to make more money, or have a better work/life balance?

3. As mentioned at the earlier, it is essential to discern what is making you unhappy: the daily tasks, company culture, your boss, upper management, or all four.

The pandemic has put a great deal of stress on everyone, so it’s good to step back and carefully determine your next steps. For example, if you decide to change sectors, consider the industry’s outlook. Overall, this will not be a decision to make quickly. You do not want to find yourself in the same situation at another organization.


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