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Is an Uncertain Job Market Scaring You?

Updated: Feb 2

What might inflation mean for your job

With headlines touting possible economic uncertainty, it might be tempting to jump ship and move on to what may be a better job opportunity. However, before doing that, it is essential to keep several factors in mind. Often, if you were the most recent hire, you might be the first to go.

If you are unhappy with your job, it could be wise to start exploring your options before any downturns. As you do that, research how stable the industry and company are before committing to a new position. Also, stay aware of trends in your sector.

◾️ Do not be afraid to ask questions before you accept a new position, especially if you leave one job for another. This also applies to those who are unemployed. You do not want to find yourself looking for a job again in a few months.

◾️ Stay on top of your skill set. If there are opportunities to learn new ones on the job, then do so. If you are not employed, explore options for developing additional skills.

◾️ Make sure your #resume is updated so you will not have to produce an updated document in a hurry.

◾️ Try to have a financial plan in place in case of sudden job changes or layoffs.

◾️ Keep an ongoing list of achievements and accomplishments (aka, a ‘brag’ file). This can include kudos from colleagues, bosses, and positive performance reviews.

You are the manager of your career so anticipate potential changes. Stay in contact with people in your professional network so you will not be contacting them unexpectedly. Of course, these are things everyone should do, even in a strong job market.

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