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Imposter Syndrome & the Job Search

Updated: Feb 17

You may be currently conducting a job search and wonder about other applicants who are better than you. It is one thing to be concerned about your competition. However, it is something else if you feel others are more talented than you, especially if you meet the job qualifications. Will you 'get caught or 'found out' if you get the job? The phenomenon is known as 'imposter syndrome.' According to some studies, 70% of the population have this.

Consequences of Imposter Syndrome and the Job Search

  • Is this stopping you from advancing in your current role? Or making a career pivot to a job requiring more responsibility? If so, changing jobs can become risky, and you will remain in a toxic work environment.

  • Are you refraining from applying to jobs because you feel you must have 100% of the skills listed on the posting, thus passing up possible good opportunities?

Strategies to Deal with It

  • Create a 'brag folder.' This is particularly helpful if you lack self-esteem. It is an objective reminder of what supervisors, colleagues, and friends have said. So many who have imposter syndrome have found this useful.

  • Consider your achievements and accomplishments.

  • Write down all the projects and tasks you have succeeded in. If you have received rejections and have been ghosted by employers, this does not reflect who you are as a candidate.

  • Network with those who are doing what you want to do. Ask if they met all the requirements when they applied? Most likely, they might not have; many new hires receive training on the job if they meet the basic qualifications. In fact, if you have approximately 80%-85% of the required skills, it is worth applying.

Imposter syndrome not accurately describe who you are and what you can contribute.

By minimizing these thoughts, you will be in a better mental place and ready to submit applications.

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