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Are you feeling overwhelmed looking for jobs? Do you want to make a career change but do not know how to begin? Have you been laid off due to Covid-19? Or perhaps you are you a recent college graduate and hear there are no jobs. 

I understand the confusion and frustration you may be facing.

Let me help you explore your career options, identify your interests, and strengths. Then we can begin developing your targeted job search strategy.


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About Me

Master Career Counselor

As a Career Counselor for 25+ years, I have been passionate about helping people identify their goals. Even before the pandemic, I understood the anxiety people felt when thinking about the job search, interviewing, or changing jobs. It is hard to send out dozens of resumes only to not hear back from anyone. Also, it's discouraging to do job interviews only to not land the role.

So, you are probably wondering, what can I do?

Well, I have helped thousands discover their career interests, write résumés and LinkedIn profiles, develop interview skills and learn successful job search/networking strategies.

In light of Covid-19, I remain aware of trends affecting the job search.​

I offer one-on-one virtual career coaching to help you determine your ideal role. Since everyone is unique, my counseling style provides a personalized action plan rather than a 'one size fits all' approach. With my experience of living abroad and traveling to 33 countries, I have a deep appreciation of diverse cultures and connect easily with people from all parts of the world.

Professionally, I am pleased to be recognized as an expert in the career coaching field, interviewed by the Los Angeles Times for an article about advice for recently laid-off individuals.


I have held Career Consulting roles at the University of Southern California's main career center, the Marshall School of Business, and Occidental College. Additionally, I served as the Career Services Director at Pitzer College (part of the Claremont College Consortium) for over 12 years.

​​​As a former Mock Interview Consultant with two highly regarded international Education Admissions Advising companies, over 75% of my clients were accepted into top tier institutions.

​Based in Los Angeles, California, I provide virtual career advising throughout the U.S. and internationally.


​​I am a longstanding National Career Development Association (NCDA) member, a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW), and a member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers/Career Coaches (PARW/CC). My Bachelor's degree is in Psychology, and my Master's degree is in Industrial Psychology.


Finally, KTS Career Coaching is pleased to contract with the University of Southern California to provide global services to alumni from the Classes of 2017 and earlier.




Are you unsure about staying in your current role, or is the Covid-19 crisis making you re-evaluate what is important to you?

Perhaps you have recently graduated and want to explore your options that may or may not be related to your studies.


Learning about yourself is the most crucial step in choosing or changing your career. You need to identify how your skills may transfer into other industries, how your personality aligns with what you want to do, and the company culture. Also, it is critical to determine what is most important to you in a job and to discover your general interests/passions.

THREE 50 MINUTE CAREER COACHING SESSION PACKAGE (includes assessments: Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), SkillScan, and the Strong Interest Inventory)


  • An initial discussion of your employment, education, training and career goals.

  • Interpretation of assessments.

  • Clarification of your transferable skills, personality, preferred work environment, interests, and personal values.

  • Detailed written career reports summarizing possible options.

  • Discussion of next steps, goal setting, and developing your action plan.


       (Follow-up 50-minute sessions are available upon completion of this package) 

50-MINUTE CAREER COACHING SESSIONS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE (assessments are an additional cost)


Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes each day and only spend six seconds, on average, reviewing each one. Learn how to make your stand out.

Services provided:

  • Reformatting, editing, and updating an existing document.

  • Creating a unique document directed to a specific job that is not from a template.


  • Including the necessary keywords on your resume improves the chance it will pass through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software used by 90% of recruiters at large companies.


Although many say cover letters are not read, this is your only way to 'talk' to the employer. Whenever this is listed as 'optional,' you should always submit one. This document must be unique (not a template) and tailored to each job listing.

​  Services provided:

  • Editing an existing document.

  • Creating a letter targeted to the employer. 


  • Ensuring your letter proves you have the specific qualifications the employer seeks.​



Approximately 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates. When you apply for a job, potential employers will always view your profile. They will often look at your profile before reviewing your resume. The profile is a great way to tell your story.

Services provided:

  • Critiquing and editing an existing profile.

  • Creating a complete profile for you.

  • Including keywords on your profile sought by employers.

  • Quantifying your experiences when possible.


Interviewing is a learned skill.  It is important to tell your story in a compelling way.  Try to think of it as a conversation.

Services provided:

For Job Seekers & College/Graduate School Applicants:

  • Discussing the various styles including behavioral and résumé-based interviews.

  • Providing typical interview questions and appropriate responses.

  • Reviewing best methods to prepare and respond with confidence.

  • Determining appropriate attire which is dependent upon your targeted industry or academic program.

  • Learning about the criteria employers and college admissions officers use to rate candidates.

  • Advice for following up after your interview.

As a result of Covid-19, you need to  prepare for video interviewing. 


This is the best way to evaluate your interviewing skills. You will receive an honest, objective critique of your strengths and areas to improve.

​Services provided:

You will be asked questions non-stop for half of the allotted time. No verbal or visual cues will be provided. After the Q&A, we will discuss the interview.

Job Seekers:

  • Questions will be tailored to the role for which you are applying based upon your resume, cover letter and the job description.

College & Graduate School Applicants:

  • Questions will be tailored for the college or program based on your application, resume, and colleges or programs to which you are applying.



Approximately only 15% of all jobs are listed. Therefore, it is crucial to extend your search beyond job boards.

  Services provided:

  • Discovering the best strategies to uncover the ‘hidden job market.'


  • Learning how to develop your network and how to leverage LinkedIn to your advantage.

  • Discussing how to conduct informational interviews to learn about various industries and jobs.

  • Advice about how to negotiate salary offers.

  • Developing an excellent elevator pitch.


                                 Frequently Asked Questions                                 

What is KTS Career Coaching and with whom do you work?

KTS Career Coaching is a boutique firm providing tailored career coaching, assessments, and job search assistance to individuals in all career stages. My clients include those laid off due to Covid-19, mid to senior career professionals seeking new jobs, recent graduates looking for their first full-time job, and individuals changing careers. I have worked with people in entertainment, education, health, engineering, technology, finance, business, nonprofits, communication & media, science, the arts, and more. I also provide services to employers offering outplacement coaching for separated employees. In addition, I provide comprehensive worldwide alumni career coaching services to colleges and universities seeking assistance for their graduates.

What makes KTS Career Coaching unique?

I continue to connect with recruiters in various industries, which has given me unique insight into what recruiters seek in candidates. Additionally, I remain up-to-date with how the Covid-19 crisis is affecting career trends and the job market. I provide one-on-one services to clients and do not outsource to others.. My 25+ years of career counseling experience has made me comfortable working with clients who are undecided about which careers to pursue and are apprehensive about conducting job searches. With so much information available online, it can be challenging to navigate a job search independently. I also remain current about career coaching, job search, résumé writing, interviewing, and career development trends through my involvement with numerous professional associations.

Why can't I just use an online resume template?

You can, however, templates will not help you tailor your résumé to pass the ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) that most large companies use. The best résumé will meet the requirements listed on the job description. Even if you are applying to smaller companies, it helps to create your own document. There are several résumé formats, and online templates are generally inflexible. My goal is to help you craft a unique résumé highlighting pertinent achievements in an easy to read format.

I am not comfortable interviewing, especially via video. How can you help me with this?

Many people are uncomfortable talking about themselves to a stranger and worry about saying too much, too little, or try to determine what the interviewer wants to hear. Interviewing by video is particularly challenging because it involves additional preparation. Interviewing is a skill that can be learned. In addition to content, nonverbal communication plays a role in how you will be evaluated. Simply thinking about what you will say is not enough. By conducting a formal video mock interview you will obtain helpful, objective feedback and learn how to present yourself confidently.

How confidential is my information?

All discussions between the coach and client are strictly confidential. It is KTS Career Coaching’s policy to respect your privacy and protect the confidentiality of our discussions. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone.

How does the initial free phone consultation work?

KTS Career Coaching's free phone consultation will allow you to describe your goals, challenges, and needs. Depending on the stage you are at, you may need little assistance. If, however, you are beginning to explore career options, start a job search, or make a career pivot, we can discuss the services that will be most useful. This meeting will help determine if there is a good fit.

Do I need to live in Los Angeles to schedule appointments?

No, all appointments are virtual and take place over the phone or via Zoom. KTS Career Coaching provides worldwide services.

Will a career assessment tell me what career I should choose?

Career assessments reflect your responses to items indicating your likes and dislikes. No 'test' can tell you what to pursue, however, they can serve as a starting point for us to discuss what is important to you and what you need to have in a career to make you happy.

I have lost my job due to the covid-19 crisis. How can I find a job now?

Of course, this is one of the most stressful times we have all experienced. Losing a job so suddenly is devastating, especially when it was unexpected. Once you take time to process and are ready to look for a new job, or make a career change, know there are still available jobs. In my interview with the Los Angeles Times, I highlight the next steps to take. Yes, there will be a lot of competition. However, the more you prepare during this time, the better your chances will be to land a new role. I have worked with people who have been laid-off before the pandemic and can help guide you through the job search process.




Karen’s assessments and coaching helped me to successfully navigate a career transition during a global pandemic and I’m very confident that her resume expertise played a large role in my landing a job during a record breaking unemployment rate. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her if you’re looking for the real deal when it comes to career coaches.

Kate M.  

Recruiting Manager 

Karen's guidance was crucial while I was seeking employment. She helped to update my resume, and was both candid and encouraging while critiquing my LinkedIn and recommending how to improve my profile. Additionally, Karen showed me how to network effectively through social media, and how to conduct informational interviews. While the latter task seemed daunting, once I began it almost immediately gave me a profound sense of direction. A few months after consulting with Karen, I am excited to have accepted a new job in a field I'm passionate about. Throughout our working together, Karen was always generous, insightful, and supportive. I'm grateful to her for helping me to expand and reorganize my job search, and would strongly encourage anyone to seek her help

Benjamin M.  

Musician | Library Assistant | Writer | Ethnomusicologist 

I am so grateful to Karen. Her unique process helped me focus on what I want to be doing so I can have a more fulfilling and successful career. She gave me great insights on my skills and the most current and innovative ways to market myself. I highly recommend Karen to all new job searchers and anyone looking to make a change. Thank you!

Owen W.  

Digital Marketing Strategist/Web Developer  

I would highly recommend working with Karen. She helped me learn self worth in my profession and it was amazing that after updating my resume I started receiving invitations when I updated my it on job boards (without even submitting applications) to interview. After each session, I became highly motivated to complete assignments and it actually increased my self-esteem and creativity. Karen taught me how to network on social media platforms and I have connected with other professionals that have empowered me to advance my career and personal goals.

Chris S.  

Founder and CEO  

I had a great experience working with Karen. She helped me understand the current strategies in career planning and the role of Linked In in this process. I was really under utilizing the capabilities of the program. Karen spent time walking me through each section, explained some of the hidden features, showed me how to get around some of the default programming, and make the best of my accomplishments. I am now feeling more confident in how I present myself in this online professional forum.

Jennifer K 

Organizational Development Specialist 

I highly recommend working with Karen. She was fast, flexible and responsive upon initial contact and helped get my resume in motion after several (seven to be exact) years of neglect! Thank you!

Brian M. 

Operations Executive | Pilot 

Karen Suarez was very helpful with my job search. She helped with getting my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile updated, and showed me how to make the most of LinkedIn's features. She also directed me to a wide range of networking resources, and helped me explore new potential directions for my career. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I can strongly recommend her for anyone looking the next step in their career.

Andreas G. 

International Sales | OEM

Karen is an excellent and versatile career counselor. From resume writing, mock interviews, LinkedIn profile advice, and taking advantage of warm connections, Karen has helped me present myself in a much more effective manner.

Lee K 

Supply Chain Professional 

Karen was instrumental in my acceptance to the University of Southern California Law School. She is an extremely knowledgeable coach. She reviewed my interview process in detail. I highly recommend that she review your application process. I am a testament to having benefited from her expertise.

Rosalyn C, Ph.D.

University of Southern California Gould School of Law

Working with Karen was great! She was extremely helpful in reviewing and editing my resume, and I appreciate that we met over Zoom to discuss it ‘in person’. She is very professional and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to fine tune the documents related to their career search.

Tammy J


I was looking for some guidance in my job search and came across Karen's name on the career services page for USC Alumni. Karen and I worked together on resume, LinkedIn profile, interview strategy and job search strategy. I felt my resume improved tremendously after working with Karen. My situation was unique and I wanted to ensure that my resume told my professional narrative in a way that played to my strengths. Karen was able to help me craft a resume that I feel helps me do just that. In addition, Karen helped me identify some tools in the job search strategy I had previously overlooked. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking for some guidance in their job search process to consider utilizing Karen's services.

William Y  

Financial Planning + Analysis | Entertainment + Consumer Tech Industry Focus

I loved working with Karen! She was so patient and kind. She really helped me figure out my next step in my career path and tightened up my resume and linkedin. Her help was invaluable! I had no idea the amount of resources out there!

Sarah S  

Financial Professional 

Karen is a wonderful and gifted career counselor. She is really easy to talk with and very supportive. Her expertise comes through quickly, as she gives very clear and practical direction. Or she may ask just the right question that helps open up possibilities that weren’t previously in view. I had a great experience working with her. She helped me to get my resume looking fantastic and supported me with a challenging career transition. I am grateful to have had her support and guidance. I highly recommend her!

Nicole L

Director of Coaching & Development

Karen is an excellent career advisor, counselor, coach and resume writer. She is knowledgeable, thoughtful, critical and has a keen eye for packaging and marketing your career. And, she is abreast of current trends and she is super kind!

Dana A

Marketing & Advertising 

Writing a resumè and cover letter has never been a strong point of mine, yet Karen made me feel much more capable. She is no-nonsense, sharp and very logical when detailing the most current and applicable trends in job search skills an employer is looking for. Her grammar skills stand out as better than most, as well. I’m extremely happy with her services. I really appreciate her advice AND resources she generously supplied!

Kara M

Occupational Therapist

Working with Karen was a valuable experience to help determine how I would be perceived by job recruiters. I personally appreciate her direct and honest approach, after all, what better way is there to learn how your resume and job interview skills measure up in the real world.

John R

Los Angeles City Analyst

Working with Karen was a fantastic experience. I appreciate that she really took the time to get to know me as a professional. Her expertise in resume writing and knowledge of HR processes tremendously helped me revamp the way I represent myself on paper to potential employers. I look forward to working with her again soon to polish my interview skills. Highly recommended!

Marcus H

Project Development

Karen was incredibly helpful in revamping my resume. She helped me update my decade-old, outdated format and optimize it for today's hiring process. Her tips are straightforward and intuitive, and even the smallest tweaks made a big difference. I would highly recommend Karen if you're looking for an expert opinion on how to strengthen your resume.

Jonathan G

Creative Advertising Associate

Karen was great in helping me craft a killer resume. She has a keen eye for all of the details such as misspelled words, punctuation, key words to use, and how to create a professional profile as the centerpiece of your resume. She spent a lot of time with me and asked me a lot of questions. I highly recommend her.

Steve G

Sales Representative

I found Karen through the USC alumni site, and reached out for help polishing job application materials. My time with Karen was invaluable; she gave my resume and other materials the added luster they were missing.

Giulia R

Entertainment Industry

If you are looking for help with your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or career counseling then there is no one better than Karen Suarez. I found Karen through the USC alumni website and am so thankful because she helped me completely rewrite and revamp my outdated resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile so they all properly reflect my career experience, passion, and achievements. Karen is extremely talented when it comes to writing as she has a way with words that most people do not have. In addition, Karen is very knowledgeable in this field, easy to work with, and reasonably priced. I am so pleased with the results from working with her that I would highly recommend Karen Suarez to anyone who is looking for help with their resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or career counseling in general. 

Robert S 

Financial Advisor 

It’s worth it for any professional who wants to be a better communicator, not just job search!

Hui-Ling C

Higher Educational Professional

Karen is lovely. We had a 50 minute session for interview preparation was informative and helped with a few tips and tricks to improve my interview skills.

Leigh Anne L


Karen was extremely helpful in answering my questions and giving me a space to exercise my interview skills. She expertly showed me my weak points and gave concrete tips on how to do better. I went into my interview with more confidence than I've ever had, and they called me back for the second round!

Alex F

Project Management

'"Happy to inform you that I have got an admit from Stanford Business School. Very excited about it! Thanks a lot for your help with interview preparations and all the feedback. Really appreciate it."



"I wanted to share with you the news that I have made it to the Tuck School of Business. Wish to thank you for your support and help with interview preparations both this year and last. I believe the confidence I gained with the mock interview as well as the feedback you provided helped me give a great interview."   


Rahul N.

"Got an admit from Duke Fuqua School of Business today. Thank you for the mock, the interview prep help, and the feedback you gave me during our mock session. It really helped! :)"


Kirti C


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