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I’m in the midst of a mid-life career change and have had a wonderful experience working with Karen. She is knowledgeable, kind, patient, empathetic, understanding, and motivational. When I started, I was at a complete loss, but since working with her, I have zeroed in on a profession I had never previously considered or knew much about.

I first did her 4-session coaching package, and she was very thorough from session to session. The first session/week we did assessment tests that broke down my skill-set and suggested jobs that were compatible. The second session/week I filled out forms breaking down my own personal experiences from previous jobs and my desires for an ideal profession. The third session/week she provided me with guidance on conducting informal interviews of those working in the various professions that had piqued my interest from those combined assessments, including providing a list of relevant and important questions. By the fourth session, I had narrowed down my choices and interests, and she continued to guide me and provide various resources to learn more and even discover other jobs within the realm of what I had focused in on. She also stayed firm and reminded me that nothing is perfect, and I may have to do some things I don’t want to in order to achieve my goals (i.e. go back to school or take the bad with the good [ideally more good] within any job).

I also then worked with her on my resume. As I am older and have worked in various other professions, she helped me design/adjust a long resume of unrelated and semi-related experiences to fit certain job descriptions. She was clear and detailed and offered a great many suggestions with clarity.

I would recommend anyone who is struggling to figure out their next career chapter to reach out to Karen and receive the benefit of her experience and skills.

Kevin M.

Auditioning & Acting Coach | Teacher

All of Karen's insights and suggestions were spot on. She was friendly, enthusiastic, and so helpful. Karen guided me in preparing for an interview and shared how best to present myself. She helped with everything from my webcam position to wardrobe and interview/job-hunting etiquette. She carefully reviewed my resume and identified places for me to focus on and others to avoid in interviews. She helped me recognize my accomplishments and strengths and suggested ways to best present them to hiring managers.

Working with Karen has dramatically improved my confidence and helped to make job interviews much less intimidating. Highly recommended!

Gareth B.

Senior Copywriter

Karen is great! I was initially nervous about seeing a career counselor, but her charming personality made discussions a breeze and she can help in any realm be it researching, pinpointing goals and strengths, resume writing, and linkedin writing and strategy. I feel far more strong going into this job search!

Kevin  K.

Musician | Writer | Actor

I had the pleasure of working with Karen during my transition from Sonoma to Los Angeles when we relocated for my partner's job. 2022 had been a tough year for me professionally and Karen was crucial in helping me find my way again. She coaches with a perfect balance of concrete, actionable planing and empathetic career counseling. Together we identified opportunities, helped build a plan for an independent business and worked through the various doubts and issues I came up against. It is clear Karen is someone who sees each person she works with as a unique relationship and applies her experience in a tailored way that is right for the individual. I couldn't have asked for a better hand to help me through this moment then Karen.

Zach M.

California Notary Public & Loan Signing Agent 

Karen helped me transform my LinkedIn profile in order to better attract high quality and well-suited VP and above opportunities - the work ultimately informed my resume as well. Her warm, collaborative approach & methodical system ensured a strong outcome that I've been able continue to leverage over time by myself. Have already recommended her to others spanning Director to C-suite level. She's a gem, and I highly encourage all to take advantage of her services!

Deirdre L.

Brand Marketer I Growth Marketer I Product Marketer 

KTS Career Coaching helped me land my dream job. After just three sessions with KTS Career Coaching I was able to dig deep and discover what motivates me, what my strengths/weaknesses are and how to best find the right job for me. By going through the exercises provided by KTS and exploring the numerous resources recommended by KTS, I was able to put my best foot forward. I went from limited interview call backs to consistent job offers in the matter of weeks. Thank you!

Henry C.

Hotel Activities Operation Manager 

I was feeling stuck in my career development and found job searching daunting. For the first time ever, I reached out to a few resume services and career coaches. With the phone consultation alone, Karen clearly and succinctly highlighted areas for improvement, was super empathetic, and helped build my confidence back up. Each session was extremely useful, and Karen "taught me how to fish" rather than simply handing me a fish. Karen really knows her stuff and also explains the hiring perspective / psychology very well. I re-vamped my resume and LinkedIn per Karen's coaching and I am already getting more responses than ever before. I have always dreaded cover letters the most, but Karen gave me the tools necessary to write a strong and effective letter. There are so many companies and services out there, but I am very glad I decided to go with KTS Career Coaching. The cost was much more reasonable than I anticipated , and every penny was well spent. I have already referred friends and family to Karen, and I will certainly get back in touch if need be. I highly recommend KTS Career Coaching and I am extremely grateful for Karen's guidance.

Jasmine M.

Product Manager 

Call Karen if you need direction in your search and help with your resume. She took the time to really understand my skill-set and background. Most importantly what to edit out of my resume...which was a lot! Since sending this new version to hiring managers, I have two promising interviews scheduled.

Laura K. 

Vice President, Hospitality | Brand Manager

Karen’s assessments and coaching helped me to successfully navigate a career transition during a global pandemic and I’m very confident that her resume expertise played a large role in my landing a job during a record breaking unemployment rate. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her if you’re looking for the real deal when it comes to career coaches.

Kate M.  

Senior Recruiting Manager 

Karen's guidance was crucial while I was seeking employment. She helped to update my resume, and was both candid and encouraging while critiquing my LinkedIn and recommending how to improve my profile. Additionally, Karen showed me how to network effectively through social media, and how to conduct informational interviews. While the latter task seemed daunting, once I began it almost immediately gave me a profound sense of direction. A few months after consulting with Karen, I am excited to have accepted a new job in a field I'm passionate about. Throughout our working together, Karen was always generous, insightful, and supportive. I'm grateful to her for helping me to expand and reorganize my job search, and would strongly encourage anyone to seek her help.

Benjamin M.  

Musician | Library Assistant | Writer | Ethnomusicologist 

I am so grateful to Karen. Her unique process helped me focus on what I want to be doing so I can have a more fulfilling and successful career. She gave me great insights on my skills and the most current and innovative ways to market myself. I highly recommend Karen to all new job searchers and anyone looking to make a change. Thank you!

Owen W.  

Digital Marketing Strategist/Web Developer  

I would highly recommend working with Karen. She helped me learn self worth in my profession and it was amazing that after updating my resume I started receiving invitations when I updated my it on job boards (without even submitting applications) to interview. After each session, I became highly motivated to complete assignments and it actually increased my self-esteem and creativity. Karen taught me how to network on social media platforms and I have connected with other professionals that have empowered me to advance my career and personal goals.

Chris S.  

Licensed Clinical Therapist  

I had a great experience working with Karen. She helped me understand the current strategies in career planning and the role of Linked In in this process. I was really under utilizing the capabilities of the program. Karen spent time walking me through each section, explained some of the hidden features, showed me how to get around some of the default programming, and make the best of my accomplishments. I am now feeling more confident in how I present myself in this online professional forum.

Jennifer K 

Organizational Development Specialist 

I highly recommend working with Karen. She was fast, flexible and responsive upon initial contact and helped get my resume in motion after several (seven to be exact) years of neglect! Thank you!

Brian M. 

Operations Executive | Pilot 

Karen Suarez was very helpful with my job search. She helped with getting my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile updated, and showed me how to make the most of LinkedIn's features. She also directed me to a wide range of networking resources, and helped me explore new potential directions for my career. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I can strongly recommend her for anyone looking the next step in their career.

Andreas G. 

International Sales | OEM

Karen is an excellent and versatile career counselor. From resume writing, mock interviews, LinkedIn profile advice, and taking advantage of warm connections, Karen has helped me present myself in a much more effective manner.

Lee K 

Supply Chain Professional 

Karen was instrumental in my acceptance to the University of Southern California Law School. She is an extremely knowledgeable coach. She reviewed my interview process in detail. I highly recommend that she review your application process. I am a testament to having benefited from her expertise.

Rosalyn C, Ph.D.

University of Southern California Gould School of Law

Working with Karen was great! She was extremely helpful in reviewing and editing my resume, and I appreciate that we met over Zoom to discuss it ‘in person’. She is very professional and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to fine tune the documents related to their career search.

Tammy J


I was looking for some guidance in my job search and came across Karen's name on the career services page for USC Alumni. Karen and I worked together on resume, LinkedIn profile, interview strategy and job search strategy. I felt my resume improved tremendously after working with Karen. My situation was unique and I wanted to ensure that my resume told my professional narrative in a way that played to my strengths. Karen was able to help me craft a resume that I feel helps me do just that. In addition, Karen helped me identify some tools in the job search strategy I had previously overlooked. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking for some guidance in their job search process to consider utilizing Karen's services.

William Y  

Financial Planning + Analysis | Entertainment + Consumer Tech Industry Focus

I loved working with Karen! She was so patient and kind. She really helped me figure out my next step in my career path and tightened up my resume and Linkedin. Her help was invaluable! I had no idea the amount of resources out there!

Sarah S  

Financial Professional 

Karen is a wonderful and gifted career counselor. She is really easy to talk with and very supportive. Her expertise comes through quickly, as she gives very clear and practical direction. Or she may ask just the right question that helps open up possibilities that weren’t previously in view. I had a great experience working with her. She helped me to get my resume looking fantastic and supported me with a challenging career transition. I am grateful to have had her support and guidance. I highly recommend her!

Nicole L

Director of Coaching & Development

Karen is an excellent career advisor, counselor, coach and resume writer. She is knowledgeable, thoughtful, critical and has a keen eye for packaging and marketing your career. And, she is abreast of current trends and she is super kind!

Dana A

Senior Marketing Strategist 

Writing a resumè and cover letter has never been a strong point of mine, yet Karen made me feel much more capable. She is no-nonsense, sharp and very logical when detailing the most current and applicable trends in job search skills an employer is looking for. Her grammar skills stand out as better than most, as well. I’m extremely happy with her services. I really appreciate her advice AND resources she generously supplied!

Kara M

Occupational Therapist

Working with Karen was a valuable experience to help determine how I would be perceived by job recruiters. I personally appreciate her direct and honest approach, after all, what better way is there to learn how your resume and job interview skills measure up in the real world.

John R

Los Angeles City Analyst

Working with Karen was a fantastic experience. I appreciate that she really took the time to get to know me as a professional. Her expertise in resume writing and knowledge of HR processes tremendously helped me revamp the way I represent myself on paper to potential employers. I look forward to working with her again soon to polish my interview skills. Highly recommended!

Marcus H

Project Development

Karen was incredibly helpful in revamping my resume. She helped me update my decade-old, outdated format and optimize it for today's hiring process. Her tips are straightforward and intuitive, and even the smallest tweaks made a big difference. I would highly recommend Karen if you're looking for an expert opinion on how to strengthen your resume.

Jonathan G

Creative Advertising Associate

Karen was great in helping me craft a killer resume. She has a keen eye for all of the details such as misspelled words, punctuation, key words to use, and how to create a professional profile as the centerpiece of your resume. She spent a lot of time with me and asked me a lot of questions. I highly recommend her.

Steve G

Territory Sales Representative

I found Karen through the USC alumni site, and reached out for help polishing job application materials. My time with Karen was invaluable; she gave my resume and other materials the added luster they were missing.

Giulia R

Entertainment Industry

If you are looking for help with your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or career counseling then there is no one better than Karen Suarez. I found Karen through the USC alumni website and am so thankful because she helped me completely rewrite and revamp my outdated resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile so they all properly reflect my career experience, passion, and achievements. Karen is extremely talented when it comes to writing as she has a way with words that most people do not have. In addition, Karen is very knowledgeable in this field, easy to work with, and reasonably priced. I am so pleased with the results from working with her that I would highly recommend Karen Suarez to anyone who is looking for help with their resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or career counseling in general. 

Robert S 

Financial Advisor 

It’s worth it for any professional who wants to be a better communicator, not just job search!

Hui-Ling C

Higher Educational Professional

Karen is lovely. We had a 50 minute session for interview preparation was informative and helped with a few tips and tricks to improve my interview skills.

Leigh Anne L


Karen was extremely helpful in answering my questions and giving me a space to exercise my interview skills. She expertly showed me my weak points and gave concrete tips on how to do better. I went into my interview with more confidence than I've ever had, and they called me back for the second round!

Alex F

Project Management

"Got an admit from Duke Fuqua School of Business today. Thank you for the mock, the interview prep help, and the feedback you gave me during our mock session. It really helped! :)"


Kirti C

"I wanted to share with you the news that I have made it to the Tuck School of Business. Wish to thank you for your support and help with interview preparations both this year and last. I believe the confidence I gained with the mock interview as well as the feedback you provided helped me give a great interview."   


Rahul N.

'"Happy to inform you that I have got an admit from Stanford Business School. Very excited about it! Thanks a lot for your help with interview preparations and all the feedback. Really appreciate it."



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