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It Is Global Careers Month

Updated: Feb 2

career development

People are often curious when I tell them I am a career development professional.

They usually say something like, ‘so you help people find jobs?’ or ‘you help people write resumes, right?’ Sure, I say, but...there is much more...

✔️Much of my work is helping clients build confidence. I’m surprised when I encounter clients with excellent skills who fear competition and believe others are better than them. I also cannot count the people who tell me they have imposter syndrome.

✔️As I work through the usual career clarification exercises and discussions, I ask what others have said about them:

-What feedback have they received in a performance review?

-Have they received positive emails from colleagues?

-Describe a positive interaction with a client, customer, etc.

I tell them to write these down and keep them handy when they are nervous about a job interview.

✔️This helps them recognize their strengths, giving them the confidence to move toward their objective.

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