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Career Planning - Is Your Path a Straight or Winding Road?

Updated: Feb 2

Is a long and winding career road okay?

Perhaps you started your career planning thinking you would stay in it forever. After all, you may have obtained a degree and thought, yes, this is going to be my career for life. But after a few years, you have decided that as much as you thought you wanted this path, it is not working out.

It Could Be Due To Many Reasons:

🔹Maybe you are learning less than you like

🔹You are not using the skills you wanted to use

🔹You have decided the industry is not for you after all

People change over the years and discover they may have different views of the world and how they want to live their lives. This became a big 'aha moment' during the pandemic when many thought, 'is this all there is?'

What does that mean for your career?

Is it okay to move into something else, especially if you have been in a space for a long time? How will future employers view this? This will be positive if you have developed new skills because you can add value to companies.

Yes, changing career directions is okay and can be a positive thing. In fact, a career path is not always linear. Twists and turns, unexpected opportunities, and changes in direction mark many people's careers. In fact, it's becoming more common for people to have multiple careers throughout their working lives.

The idea of a "career ladder" where you start at the bottom and work your way up to the top in a straight line is becoming less relevant in today's rapidly changing job market. Instead, people must often be adaptable and open to learning new skills to stay competitive.

Embracing a non-linear career path can be exciting and rewarding, as it can allow you to explore different interests, gain a variety of experiences, and find a direction that aligns with your passions and values. However, it can also be challenging at times, requiring you to take risks, be flexible, and navigate uncertainty.

Perhaps you would like to try out a large company if you have been in a small business. You may not have had a chance to use skills like budgeting, presentation, writing, communication, etc. If you have been working with a small team, try working in a place with different departments or vice versa.

There is no rule saying one MUST stay in the same field forever. Of course, if someone wants to do that, kudos to them. I know many who have changed roles and industries, learned a lot, and thrived. I've stayed in the same profession; however, I have moved into different spaces and now work with various populations, and I love it.

When you can identify your superpower(s) and think about a change, why not go for it? Ultimately, whether you have a linear or non-linear career path, what's most important is that you find work that is fulfilling and allows you to use your skills and talents to make a meaningful contribution to the world. You will gain more skills and perhaps move on to something else next time.

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