Learning about yourself is the most critical step in choosing or changing your career.  Identify your skills/strengths, personality type, best work culture, what is important to you in a job, and discover your general interests/passions.  Conduct informational interviews to learn about various industries and jobs.


Once you know what you want to pursue, learn the best strategies to uncover the 'hidden job market.'  Since approximately 15% of all jobs are listed, extending your search beyond job boards is crucial.  Discover how to develop your network and leverage LinkedIn to your advantage.


SINGLE 50-MINUTE CAREER COACHING SESSIONS - typically lasts 4-6 sessions depending upon client needs.

THREE 50-MINUTE CAREER COACHING PACKAGE (includes assessments). If needed, on-going coaching available upon completion of this package. This includes:

  • An initial discussion of your employment, education, training and career goals.

  • Interpretation of assessments and detailed reports summarizing possible options.

  • Clarification of your transferable skills, personality, preferred work environment, interests, and personal values.

  • ​Discussion of next steps, goal setting, and developing your action plan.