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Why Use a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)?

Updated: Feb 2

Job or dream job? A job brings the security of a salary and benefits, the comfort of predictability. If you're unemployed, that may fit the bill perfectly. A dream job brings all the benefits of a job. It can add a higher salary, confidence in the position, and more gratifying experience. A

#CertifiedProfessionalResumeWriter will create or help you produce an excellent document. Having a professional by your side will allow you to be more confident and capable in your goals.

Your career direction? Companies hire a collection of knowledge, skills, abilities, and passions, abbreviated by a job title. You won't make headway if your job search isn't centered on your job title, your exact role, and what you can provide to the employer. That's where a CPRW steps in. However, if you know your ideal title and how it fits into an organization, it will power your job search with greater success.

Skill sets? Your job search calls for a set of skills. Employers want you to communicate your value clearly, powerfully. Said another way, you should identify your brand. Practical sides of leveraging your brand include finding the real hiring decision-maker and mastering the outreach, including new approaches to applications.

Job search documents that get results? Your #resume must prove you will make companies more money than it takes to hire and retain you. Your resume should entice companies hiring to ask you questions you both want to explore. Your resume should be a lever to negotiate your compensation, even during considerable swings in unemployment. The #coverletter is the perfect complement. It proves you understand the interviewers' problems, shows how you think, and keeps conversations going. It is also the best way to 'talk' to them.

If you need help with your resume, contact me for a free phone consultation.


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