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Updated: Sep 11

Consider the following questions. These self-assessment exercises are time consuming, so most people skip them. They are, however, very important. By putting in the time, you will learn what you must have if you are making a career pivot or are simply burned out in your job.

1. What Skills do you HAVE that you WANT to use in a job?

When we talk about 'skills,' it's important to know everyone has 'transferable strengths’ that can be used in any sector. Some examples are writing, research and communication skills. These differ from 'industry-specific' skills (computer programming, teaching, etc.).

2. What is most important to you on the job? (in other words, what are your core values?)

Do you want to make a lot of money, help people, or make a difference? Although it sounds like a cliché, if your job is not bringing you joy, at some point that will become a problem. Is the commute time an issue? Spending time driving or taking public transportation can become draining year after year.

3. What are your interests and passions?

What really motivates you and what is your passion? For people who have many interests, which is great, it's important to identify the ones you prefer in a career vs using them as a personal passion outside work. For instance, in what types of industries are you interested (arts, tech, education, real estate, finance, etc.)? If you do video-editing, fashion, music or writing on the side, you don't have to give up that part of your life.

4. What is your personality type?

Are you good with details or do you tend to see the big picture and like to come up with ideas? Would you prefer to work behind the scenes or interact with people on a regular basis, and if so, exactly how do you to work with them.

This is far from an exhaustive list of things to consider but they are good starting points. Once you complete a solid self-assessment, you will be ready to start exploring your options.

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