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Interviewing is a learned skill and it is important to tell your story in a compelling way.  Try to think of it as a conversation. 

Video interviewing is often done for initial screening meetings. Learn ways to settle those nerves and be yourself.

This 50-minute session will cover what to expect during an interview with an employer or college admissions officer:

  • Typical questions to expect and appropriate responses.

  • Formats (video, phone, in-person, and on-site).

  • Types (resume-based, behavioral, group, committees, screening, and additional rounds).

  • How to overcome challenges you may have faced during previous interviews.

  • Reviewing best methods to prepare and respond with confidence.

  • Determining appropriate attire which is dependent upon your targeted industry or academic program.

  • Learning about the criteria employers and college admissions officers use to rate candidates.

  • Advice for following up after your interview.

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